15 Best Post Workout Supplements for Muscle Recovery

post workout supplements

Muscle Recovery Supplements

Proper nutrition after a workout is a crucial element to maximizing your muscle growth. In order for your muscles to grow they need to be provided the proper materials to synthesize protein. Also, your muscles need to recover quickly to allow you to work them more frequently. Now, if you wanted to skip the supplement route, you could go straight to anabolic steroids because these dramatically decrease muscle recovery time and allow for quick tissue growth. However, we all know steroids can have severe side effects, so for our purposes we will focus on supplements to help with muscle recovery.

Purpose of Post Workout Supplements

A post workout supplement aims to serve 3 basic purposes:

  1. Increase protein synthesis to repair muscle damage from the workout
  2. Decrease protein breakdown to improve muscle growth and quality
  3. Replenish glycogen to restore energy levels

What to look for in Post Workout Supplements

It’s always good to provide your body with a boost of protein after a workout. This will immediately give it the main building block for muscle growth. However, it’s usually easiest to use a protein isolate powder and then a recovery supplement to include the other needed elements. Those elements are:

  • Carbohydrates – to restore glycogen and energy levels
  • Amino Acids – to prevent muscle break down (catabolism)

So without further adieu, here are 15 of the best post workout supplements you can be using.

1. LEGION Recharge




2. Natura Formulas BCAA 1600mg Capsules



3. POWERBUILD Post-Workout Recovery




4. Sheer Strength Labs Muscle Recovery



5. Ascend BCAA 2000mg Capsules



6. Z-Build Overnight Anabolic Muscle Builder



7. Optimal Nutrition 2:1:1 Recovery



8. Gaspari Nutrition GlycoFuse


9. Scivation Xtend BCAA




10. AI Sports Nutrition Recover Pro




11. Muscle Pharm Re-Con




12. PacificCoast NutriLabs Muscle Recovery Capsules




13. Myogenix AfterShock


14. BPI Sports BCAA




15. Natureganics Mega BCAA


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