How Outdoor Workouts Will Improve Your Life

Benefits of Exercising Outdoors

Many of us spend countless hours in the gym. Whether it’s to stay healthy, achieve a fitness goal, or just to look good, the repetition of being in the gym day after day can start to wear on you. So what’s the solution? Take it outside!

Scenic Enthusiasm

The day time television on the treadmill can only entertain you for so long. The Metallica blaring in your headphones can only motivate you to a certain point on the cycling machine. Exercising outdoors will improve your attitude and overall mental state, keeping you motivating and positive for longer workouts. In the article Benefits of Outdoor Exercise Confirmed by ScienceDaily, a recent study helps prove the added mental benefits of working out outside.

No Turning Back

It’s easy to give up when you’ve had enough at the gym. A few more reps, a few more miles? Nah, I’m done. Incorporating outdoor workouts makes it much more difficult to give up on your goals. Halfway through trail run and want to be done? Too bad. You’re not out of the woods until you get yourself out. Outdoor workouts can help you push boundaries simply out of sheer necessity to get where you need to be.

Keep in mind that when doing outdoor activities it is always a good idea to map out your journey and know the distance and difficulty of any hike, run, or ride.

I also recommend using some kind of tracking app or Fitbit to track your progress, since it can be difficult to do on your own. We recently did a post on the best fitness trackers of 2016 you may be interested in. Or just check out Amazon’s top rated fitness trackers.

More Natural Body Movement

Running and cycling outdoors provides a more natural environment for your body to train in. Elements┬áthat occur naturally outdoors such as running up or down hill or wind resistance can be hard to replicate in the gym. These movements stress muscles that don’t get exercised on indoor machines.

  • Tips from the Pros: Get a good pair of running shoes or cycling shoes if you are doing outdoor activity. Good upkeep on your gear will result in less upkeep need on your body.


There are certainly limitations to outdoor workouts. Isolating certain muscles can be very difficult, so if you are into bodybuilding, it’s easy to see that a gym membership is a necessity. But when it comes to full-body workouts and overall health benefits, exercising outdoors has huge benefits that will make you pleased with your results and the exercises themselves.

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