Top 5 Best Whey Protein Powder: Whey Protein Reviews

Best Tasting Whey Protein Powder and Bang for Buck

Pure whey protein is pure whey protein. There are only so many ways you can spin it. So when compare different brands’ versions of whey protein that is truly the same product, how do you distinguish the difference? Personally, I think it all comes down to 3 factors:

1. Cost

2. Taste – solubility, flavor, and variety of mixers.

3. Serving size (which sort of comes back to cost). A lot of whey protein supplements advertise things like “65 grams of protein per serving!” Then you look at the fine print on the back of the container only to find out that a serving size is 4 “heaping” scoops and that gigantic vat of powder you bought for $90 actually only has about 7 “servings” in it. Sorry for all the quotations… Anyway, you know what I mean. Let’s get to it.

1. Syntrax Nectar

Syntrax Nectar doesn’t have any fancy sponsors backing it nor is it the spawn-child of a one-time Mr. Olympia. This is just a great tasting, reasonably priced whey protein isolate. It comes in 6 different flavors and I personally recommend the Caribbean Cooler and mixing it with pineapple juice. Tastes like a pina colada.

You also get about 25 servings per container with 23g of protein in each. A serving is one scoop – and it’s not a gigantic dump truck scoop. Each one is about the size of a double shot.

Price – 8
Taste – 10
Serving size – 10

2. MuscleTech Phase 8


This is a great-tasting and reasonably priced protein powder. Mixes well with water or milk and doesn’t leave the grittiness that some other protein powders do. I recommend the Milk Chocolate flavor if you go with this one. You also get 26 grams of protein in each scoop and 50 scoops in each container.

Price – 9
Taste – 9
Serving Size – 9

3. Optimal Nutrition Platinum HydroWhey


This whey protein is made up almost entirely of hydrolysated protein – which basically means it has been pre-digested into peptides and small chain proteins. Your body is able to metabolize this form of protein much more easily than standard whey protein isolate. So maybe I lied a little bit about all protein being the same. Anyway, this a great tasting product and again the way to go is chocolate on this one.

Price – 7
Taste – 9
Serving Size – 9

4. Reaction Nutrition Recor Pro Action Whey Protein


Tastes like liquid dreamsicle and as clean as Gold Standard but tastes a hell of a lot better. Scoops are small and you get ab out 80 in each container with 22g of protein in each one. As mentioned before, the Orange Dreamsicle flavor is the way to go. However, it is fairly expensive.

Price – 6
Taste – 9
Serving Size – 9

5. Optimal Nutrition Syntha6


Optimal Nutrition is always cranking out good products, which is why it’s no surprise they have 2 protein powders on this list. Each scoop gives you 24g of protein and come in small enough doses that you can double up if you want to. Each container is a reasonable price around $40 bucks. As for taste, if you like sweet stuff (and even if you don’t) the Chocolate Peanut Butter is absolutely delicious – especially with milk.

Price – 8
Taste – 9
Serving Size – 9

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